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Charles Hitechew


About Charles Hitechew

With a career in the sports industry in mind and the grit and determination to make it happen, Charles Hitechew is working to actualize his lifelong love for sports and athletics into his profession. 

Currently, Charles is a student at The Palumbo-Donahue School of Business at Duquesne University, where he’s pursuing a degree in Sports Marketing. Prior to attending college, Charles was enrolled at Bridgton Academy in Maine, where he developed his work ethic, learned team bonding skills, and assimilated into the local culture more than 700 miles from where he lived. 

One characteristic that Charles credits for his success is his penchant for creating and living by schedules. For Charles, he’s found he absolutely thrives when operating on a schedule, and when he aligns his schedule with what he needs to succeed, he’s able to adjust and course-correct his plan as needed. 

Charles also relies on his positive outlook, a habit he’s developed in his life to help him navigate life’s ups and downs. He’s found that staying positive helps him to remain productive and focused on the task at hand regardless of the challenges he’s facing or what’s happening around him. 










Charles also attributes his success to his organizational abilities. By keeping organized, he’s able to maintain his schedules and set himself on the right path for success. 

While he is driven and goal-oriented, Charles Hitechew is also admittedly risk-averse. When it comes to decision making that he encounters, he likes to assess and analyze the opportunities he’s presented with and determine how the decision will impact his academic career and his life. 

Outside of his academic career, Charles Hitechew likes to keep busy with a number of hobbies and interests to occupy his time. When he’s not spending time with his friends, he loves dining out, attending sporting events, and shopping for new clothing. He enjoys the feeling that comes with accomplishing a task and will often spend his time running errands or taking care of chores, like cleaning and washing his car. 

For Charles, his ideal day includes relaxing on the beach. In his free time, he loves to travel, especially to places where he can relax and decompress on the beach; Hilton Head is one of his favorite destinations, and he visits whenever possible. 

To learn more about Charles Hitechew, his academic journey, and his developing career, please visit his blog page!