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Many people tout the benefits of working from home, such as spending more time with their children. The reality of working from home while trying to maintain efficiency can be far from ideal. These simple tips can help workers develop a plan to avoid the pitfalls and get the most out of working from home.

Participation in Remote Functions
Networking and social interaction are important components of working in-person, as these are often vital for promotion. Workers can keep contributing, attracting attention, and networking when working from home by actively participating in virtual meetings. Voicing ideas and opinions during virtual meetings cue that employees are still actively a part of the organization. If an organization has limited opportunities to meet in a virtual environment, then employees or independent contractors can start a working group. They can approach others on their team or those with whom they want to collaborate. This maintains networking while showing initiative to organizational leaders.

A Regular Routine
To accomplish more while working remotely, workers need a regular routine. A scheduled routine can help increase proficiency during work hours. Routines provide the structure that enables workers to prioritize work and increase focus. Simple ways to create a routine include waking up at the same time every morning, taking a shower, and getting dressed can set the mood for work to begin. Scheduled lunches, breaks, and consistent start and end times break up the day into sections.

Strong Boundaries
A great way to get the most out of working from home is to create strong boundaries. Productivity can depend on the ability of workers to separate work duties from home duties. This can be especially difficult for women who often bear the brunt of household and caregiving unpaid labor. A room that serves as a home office or desk space in a bedroom that children may not enter during working hours can help create a physical boundary between professional and personal realms. Workers should avoid spaces that prompt an urge to clean or take care of the kids, if at all possible.

Whether someone needs to work remotely for a short time or on a more permanent basis, there are things workers can do to make sure they complete projects and achieve their goals. These tips help produce a physical and psychological structure to maintain in-office productivity at home.