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Each year businesses reevaluate goals and priorities to stay on top of current technological and social changes. What every manager should know is that change is accelerating, which affects consumer and B2B demands. Here are ten key trends emerging for businesses in 2020. 

More Focus On Robots
Robots are still limited compared with classic sci-fi portrayals in novels and movies, but they’re getting more sophisticated every year. Look for continued adoption of AI machine learning tools that speed up redundant tasks. 

Leaner Management
Downsizing in management and staffing is not going away, especially for startups and SMBs. Moving to the cloud has helped trim budgets, as cloud services and management platforms make it easier to run a business with less personnel. 

More Do-It-Yourself Jobs
Do-It-Yourself jobs and cloud computing empower entrepreneurs to enter markets without hiring employees. Young college grads who find it difficult to land a job in the competitive corporate world have found that it is easier to pursue something in this field.

Bring-Your-Own-Device Expansion
The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) concept keeps growing because it helps companies cut costs on hardware and training, while employees feel more comfortable working with familiar devices. 

More Efficient Data Transmission
IoT is paving the way for bigger data collection, which means companies will need to make data transmission faster and more efficient. One solution is SD-WAN, which increases bandwidth and network flexibility while reducing costs.

More Advanced Nanotechnology
Electronic components inside mobile devices are steadily getting smaller, allowing for more sophisticated machine parts. It has created a new world of “tiny robots.” 

3D Printers
Manufacturers and designers are turning to 3D printing as a viable solution to creating new prototypes and products quickly and efficiently. 

Greater Corporate Social Responsibility
Large companies are starting to release corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports to stakeholders and the public to show concern for the community beyond profits. These reports showcase sustainability and workplace diversity. 

Increased Streaming and Podcasts
Spotify and Apple Music aren’t the only streaming innovators, although they grab the most attention. Podcasting is growing among businesses across various industries as a marketing channel.