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People seek out TED Talks for a variety of reasons, to inform themselves of a particular group, company, or idea. Although those are all great, there is a certain type of TED Talk that tends to not only inform but change the lives of those listening. We are talking about the career-changing Ted Talks that truly change mindsets and lives. So, which talks should you specifically listen to? Lucky for you, we have accumulated some of the best talks to get you going on your journey.

Mel Robbins: How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over

One of the most common issues people have when feeling stuck inside their current careers is that they can’t seem to stop sabotaging themselves. In this Ted Talk, Mel Robbins, a renowned speaker and author of the 5 Second rule, explains how it is the habits that we hold that tend to create our daily lives. From the time we set to wake up to the manner in which we choose to communicate our wants within the workplace. Mel Robbins does a great job of understanding the mental roadblocks and helping her listeners break free in order to live a truly fulfilled working life.

Dan Gilbert: ‘future you’ wants something entirely different.

During this Ted Talk, Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert explains how people are like an ever-changing painting that needs to be constantly re-touched to keep its vibrancy. Dan Gilbert states that because people are always changing and evolving that you may seem a little confused when you start to hate the job you’re in. The talk goes deeper into understanding how to control these emotions and use them to provide yourself a better life.

Larry Smith: A blunt shove in the right direction

Who better to show you the perfect career path for you then a well-respected and knowledgable economics professor. Larry Smith teaches economics at the University of Waterloo, located in Canada. In his talk, Larry Smith combines humor and knowledge of the human brain to demonstrate how students tend to be lead to a miserable life when they seek ‘finding a good job.’ In his Ted Talk, Larry Smith provides examples of learned patterns that have caused people to follow what they think is right and wrong rather than what they actually want to do in life.