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Before the crippling effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies that relied on physical business locations and one-on-one interactions with employees, customers and vendors could rely on paper processes.

Due to the health crisis, businesses have to adhere to guidelines on social distancing and remote work. Businesses now have to make drastic digital transformation changes to survive. Here are some ways to speed up digital transformation, even with the current health crisis.

Rethink Digital Transformation Strategies

Given the current environment, most organizational strategies, including digital transformation strategies, need adjusting. Consider the effects of an accelerated timetable on a strategy that has to be adaptive and flexible for the uncertain future. While there are risks in speeding up processes, businesses should build their strategies on infinitely adaptable platforms.

Solve Problems Now While Planning for Tomorrow

Surviving in rapidly evolving markets requires engaging in continuous, sustainable changes instead of costly one-off projects that age quickly. While strategic does not always imply attractive, it is sometimes necessary to make the more intriguing work coexist with, or even play second fiddle to building the necessary technological and communication frameworks. These frameworks can allow your technology and teams to scale amidst operations and the crisis.

‘Recruit’ Digital Transformation Champions

The disruption caused by the crisis makes people more open to evolving to survive. With the correct presentation, people can change from powerless victims to digital transformation champions. Since employees require tools that guarantee their work safety, and organizations need IT for a strong foundation in this crisis, IT departments have an excellent opportunity to inspire faster change.

Practice Agile Deployment

Perfection is not necessarily a prerequisite for deployment. However, businesses should do their best to mitigate risks, then create an efficient system for rapidly reporting issues – with a team ready to respond as required. Through agile deployment, businesses can match their need for speed to their expectations of adjustment.

Use Automation to Develop Resilience and Nimbleness

Resilience and nimbleness are two critical ingredients for achieving sustainable profitability in the current business environment. Automation can help businesses accomplish both by transforming business processes into their most frictionless forms. Less friction often translates to more growth.

Through automation, businesses can free up talented manpower to focus on more challenging and vital tasks. This enables the right people to work on solutions for handling a rapidly changing environment, which is essential for speed.