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The idea of entrepreneurship and traditional business may seem to be a contrasting relationship on the surface, but the evidence is showing that entrepreneurs actually add value to more traditional work settings. Regardless of the avenue chosen by an entrepreneur, there are many commonalities among those who succeed in their own businesses., and this is a resource that your company can tap into for growth and improved employee/customer satisfaction. Here are three surprising ways that entrepreneurship adds value to your business.

Extended and Flexible Workforce
Entrepreneurs do more than work on their own schedules. Successful entrepreneurs have a proven track record for being reliable, consistent, goal-oriented, and experts in their fields. These characteristics are valuable to any company, whether you need temporary help with a special project or require ongoing work that is outside the scope of your employees’ skill sets. Entrepreneurs are also good leaders, so they will take on a project needing only your vision and access to staff resources.

Growth for Current Employees
If you work for a business that offers limited potential for growth and advancement, you may have difficulty retaining good employees. Entrepreneurship is an excellent opportunity for your employees to branch out on their own while maintaining much of the role that they serve in your company. The employee has the benefit of professional and personal growth, and you have the benefit of their expertise.

Improving Skill Sets
As those in the know, in particular areas of business operations, entrepreneurs are excited to share their insights, recommendations, and best practices with employees in traditional work settings. Today’s entrepreneurs are focused on community more than individual achievements, and this can be used to engage your employees in new and exciting ways.

Regardless of the business sector in which an entrepreneur operates, innovation is the key to success. An entrepreneur brings a unique perspective that is not limited by current operating procedures, competition, or other limitations that you make accept as part of the norm. Entrepreneurship celebrates thinking outside the box, and these thoughtful and insightful people can help you find the way through any problem. An entrepreneur strives to leave your business in a better position than the starting point, and this can trigger a growth within your company that may seem out of reach.