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Changing a career path requires more than just knowing you want to try something different. Before you make any changes, you should take the time to consider why you want a career change and what problems you hope the change will solve. Once you have those answers, you’ll be better prepared to follow these steps for launching a new career.

Consider Multiple Opportunities
If you want to pursue a new career within the same field of industry, you may not need to quit your current job at all. Instead, talk to your supervisor to find out what will be required of you to pursue that new path. If you do want to change industries or start an entirely new career, the same process is needed. You’ll need to find out what qualifications you’ll need to possess and pursue getting that education or training.

Promote Your Future Value
Writing a good resume is just as important today as it was 30 years ago, but how you organize it should have shifted by now. While your past experiences and education are still relevant, prospective employers are more interested in how your past will help them in the future. For that reason, your resume should emphasize the skills and expertise you’ll be bringing to the organization.

Don’t Rely on Recruiters
A recruiter isn’t really out to help you. Their goal is to fill their clients’ needs as quickly as possible, so they won’t be very interested in helping you jump from manufacturing to engineering. Instead, they’ll try to place you in the first manufacturing job they come across. If you really want to change careers, you’ll have to be your own recruiter. Use your existing contacts, including friends, co-workers, and former bosses, to help you network with others. If you’re networking consistently, you may find that new opportunities are coming to you.

No matter what type of career change you’re trying to make, you should expect it to be a struggle. Try to remember what it was like to get your current career on track. You should expect that same struggle with your new endeavors since you’re basically starting from scratch. However, as long as you’re determined and persevere, there’s no reason you can’t turn your dreams for a change into a prosperous and rewarding new career.