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If you are searching for a job at the end of the year, don’t feel discouraged. As 2021 approaches, you still have a chance to get employed. It’s not you. Many people are having a hard time finding a job; if you want to increase your chances of gainful employment, here are some tips.

Put your best foot forward.

Your resume and your online profile are your top tools for attracting employers. Start by optimizing your online profiles for increased visibility. In your profile, include your skills and post what you’re learning and doing in between jobs.

Prepare your resume by highlighting the experience and skills you have to offer potential recruiters. You’re letting them know you are qualified and hirable. Choose a resume format that displays your strengths first. Display your skills and experience on top so that you are the right fit for the job. Plus, these keywords make it easy for recruiters to find and scan your resume.

Build your network

When you have a strong network, they can inform you who is hiring or put in a good word for you with their company. They can help you find job leads and connect you with others in your field. If you need to expand your network, you can find online networking and recruiting events.

You can reach out to recruiters for the companies you are interested in working for. Give them your resume, and also tell them to keep you in mind when opportunities are available.

Optimize your job search

Don’t just submit your resume and hope for a callback; get active. There are various ways to search for a job that you probably haven’t considered. If you aren’t having any luck with the run-of-the-mill online resume and cover letter submission, try these to improve your chances.

  • Reach out through your network–as mentioned above.
  • Work with your alumni association.
  • Work with a career counselor.
  • Attend online job fairs.

Prepare for interviews

While you aren’t working, this is the perfect time to practice your interview skills. You can review typical interview questions and practice with another person. This way, you will be prepared and won’t stumble during an actual interview. You’ll anticipate the questions they may have and impress them with your well throughout answers.

While the market seems challenging right now, there are still many opportunities available. If you keep your skills sharp and your presence positive, you will be sure to find a job. Practice your interview skills, and be sure to reach out to recruiters as well as people in your network.