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Being at home during quarantine can be challenging. People may still be expected to perform their job while also caring for children. Even if they technically should have more free hours in the day with the commute and social gatherings eliminated, it often does not feel like that. Furthermore, some people may be struggling with staying home all the time and being separated from others. It can be tempting to give in to binge-watching TV and waiting for time to pass.

However, this can be a great opportunity for people to do things they have been meaning to get around to for years, whether that’s learning a language, starting a new hobby or putting a new exercise plan in place. It can also be an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with family and to connect with neighbors, particularly older ones or anyone else who may not have much contact with others. Quality time can mean playing games with kids, going on walks or just talking.

For people who are concerned about their job stability, it might be difficult to concentrate on these types of things. However, this can also be time to start a job search. Nearly everyone else is at home as well, so it is difficult for them to put off responding to contact. People can work on their resumes, update their online profiles, become active on social media and start updating their profiles. They can also start keeping up with developments in the industry via blogs, podcasts, newsletters and more. People might not need to dress up to go out to work, but they can purchase a new outfit for an interview and practice on Zoom with friends.

Even those who do not intend to leave their job might want to think about their lives and jobs and if they are still on the path they want to be. Those who are not can make a plan to reach their goals.

All of these activities serve to enhance a person’s life and help others while in lockdown. It can restore a sense of purpose and control even as life feels like it has neither of those things, and when restrictions lift, people can look back at their accomplishments and feel good.