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Transitioning from your current career path to entrepreneurship is a major life decision that’s both exciting and unnerving. On the one hand, you are breaking free from the chains of an exhausting routine. On the other hand, you’re also breaking away from the stability and structure that a traditional career path provides. Here are four tips to make that shift as effortless as possible: 

Talk to Entrepreneurs
There are a lot of uncertainties in business, but talking to people who were once in your shoes and were able to pull it off can give you a solid foundation to start from. Talk to entrepreneurs in your desired field and list the pros and cons. For instance, building your own tech startup can have the pros of innovation and fast growth but can have the cons of being risky and capital-intensive. 

Don’t Quit Your Day Job
Unless you have enough savings to live off of for the next year or two, you shouldn’t quit your day job to pursue becoming an entrepreneur. One of the main advantages of entrepreneurship is that you can slowly build it from a side hustle into a full-fledged business that can sustain your financial needs. Quitting your day job too soon can force you to make bad executive decisions in order to meet both your business’ needs and your personal needs.

Take Advantage of Your Current Job Resources
Many large companies reimburse their employees for continuing education courses or advanced training. Check with your company’s HR department if they have any in-house business management training programs or are at least offering financial aid for it. Another way to use your current day job as a springboard into entrepreneurship is to build connections with managers, investors, and suppliers. 

Start Incorporating Entrepreneurship Into Your Routine Even if you don’t have a business yet, act as if you already do. Find time in the day, whether it’s early morning or late night, to draft your business plan, build your prototypes, contact your distributors/partners, and figure out your financials. 

Changes, including those in your professional life, can be downright frightening. Nevertheless, life is also about taking risks and finding things you genuinely want to pursue. Follow the four tips above to create a smooth and effortless transition.