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Your company needs an online presence, even if you are running a small local business. This online presence should include a business website as a central hub that links out to your social media accounts. You’ll also need to find places like Google My Business or Yelp reviews where your company should also be established. 

While this may seem like a lot of work, it is very important your customers be able to find your business, identify your brand, and learn essential information about your business. We’ll dig more into the many reasons below, but as you read through these reasons, always remember how important it is to meet your customers’ expectations. 

When a customer goes looking for a company to do business with, they expect to see certain things from a professional and trustworthy business. In today’s world, that means they expect to see businesses established online. If they can’t find you, your customers will wonder why. Here are some of the tips to remember about your business’s online presence.

Answers About Your Business
Customers can possibly call your business or drop into your brick-and-mortar shop to ask you questions. However, today’s customers often don’t want to bother with this. These options also mean showing up within specific business hours. 

When you have an established online presence, their most commonly asked questions can be found on your website or social media any time of day, any day of the week. If they can’t find the answer for themselves, they can easily send you an online message right when they’re thinking of it, instead of promising themselves to remember to call your business later, which they will often fail to do. 

Establish Your Brand
Your customers can get a feel for what your business is all about from your social media accounts or website. They will get an idea of what you’re selling, how you’re selling it, and what the voice and mission of your company are. 

Reach An Audience
Your online presence gives you a chance to reach a wider audience, and it gives your customers the chance to see that is happening. This is social proof for your customers that other people enjoy your business. 

Positive Reviews For Your Business
Through customer testimonials on your website, comments on your Facebook page, Yelp reviews, and reviews on Google, customers can see the social proof that other customers have enjoyed your business. This offers assurance that they, too, should enjoy what your business offers.